Strategic Snacking for Diabetics

Who knew that prunes have one of the lowest sugar concentrations in fruit, and may help in preventing bone loss?

Or that avocados not only have healthy fats, but are 79% fiber, which slows down digestion and prevents a spike in blood sugar?

Or that by combining popcorn with nuts, you get a healthy protein-fiber-fat combination that keeps you feeling fuller longer?

These are just a few tasty recommendations that AARP provides for people with diabetes who are looking for some good ideas to keep your snacks healthy. One of their recent surveys revealed that about 70% of respondents said they’ve been snacking more during this past pandemic year.

While eating too much and too often can play havoc with pounds and blood sugars, most medical providers recommend a healthy snacking plan, especially for those with diabetes. Snacks, preferably at regular intervals, can help manage blood sugar levels and control appetites. In fact, snacks should be part of a healthy diet for everyone, from preschoolers to pensioners.

For suggestions on how to choose healthy, easy snacks, see the following article:

Snacking Strategies for People with Diabetes

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