Alcoholism and the Elderly

Alcohol is part of many people’s lives, and that includes seniors. For most, it is something to be used in moderation, but for some it becomes a problem that can threaten their health, family relationships, and quality of life. While abuse can occur at any age, it is especially a problem as people age, andContinue reading “Alcoholism and the Elderly”

Parkinson’s Outcomes Research

The Parkinson’s Foundation is always a wealth of information. One recent article is a fascinating summary of many key findings of their ongoing research on differences in care. Since 2009 this clinical study followed over 12,000 PD patients, and many results are summarized on their website. For example, there is an interesting correlation of PDContinue reading “Parkinson’s Outcomes Research”

Let’s Make Every Week Falls Prevention Week

It’s never a good time to fall, and for many seniors, the fear of falling is something that weighs on their minds daily. According to the CDC, approximately one-fourth of Americans 65 and older fall each year. Falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries and most common reason for hospital admissions among seniors. TheContinue reading “Let’s Make Every Week Falls Prevention Week”

Problems getting dressed? Here are solutions

Getting dressed in the morning is one of those automatic chores we all do. Some people set out clothes the night before, others check the heap on the chair for the least smelly shirt, and some spend some time matching, ironing, etc. to look just right when stepping out for the day. But there areContinue reading “Problems getting dressed? Here are solutions”

Seniors learn new tech skills when that tech has value to them

Like many Americans, including most of a certain age, the first thing I do in the morning is reach for my glasses and put them on. Without them I certainly could not do most of what I do every day. They are so helpful that I can’t imagine life without them. Yet long ago eyeglassesContinue reading “Seniors learn new tech skills when that tech has value to them”

Communicating and Coping with Hearing Loss

It’s hard to come to terms with hearing loss. Because it is usually a long, gradual process, many people don’t realize they aren’t hearing normally until someone else points it out. The TV volume goes up, the conversations change, especially with someone whose voice may be in a missing range, or sometimes it’s easier toContinue reading “Communicating and Coping with Hearing Loss”

I can’t smell! Is it Covid? Aging? or something more?

One of my favorite childhood memories was the smell of Mom’s cinnamon rolls when I walked into our house after school, knowing there was probably a batch coming out of the oven at that moment. And working in the Flogstad Bakery for a few years had the same effect on me, as well as mostContinue reading “I can’t smell! Is it Covid? Aging? or something more?”

What did you say?

Seven years ago, Frozen was the top Disney movie, and “Let it Go” became the song every young girl in the country knew by heart. Ebola broke out in Africa, causing the deaths of 6,000 people world-wide. The winter Olympics were held in Sochi, Russia. So how long is seven years? That’s the average lengthContinue reading “What did you say?”

Cataracts and your vision

We all enjoy birthdays, but the more you have, the closer you get to some unpleasant side effects, and one of those is the risk of cataracts. The National Eye Institute estimates that about half of all Americans 80 and over either have had surgery for or have developed cataracts. Cataracts occur when the lensContinue reading “Cataracts and your vision”

Handling the Heat

Minnesota’s had record-breaking heat already this summer, and while it’s good to feel the summer sun, excessive heat can cause all sorts of problems. Here are a few ideas to stay comfortable, healthy, and most of all, safe when the temperatures soar. For many people, it’s easy to stay cool if your house and carContinue reading “Handling the Heat”