Parkinson’s Outcomes Research

The Parkinson’s Foundation is always a wealth of information. One recent article is a fascinating summary of many key findings of their ongoing research on differences in care. Since 2009 this clinical study followed over 12,000 PD patients, and many results are summarized on their website.

For example, there is an interesting correlation of PD and falls. Researchers found that people with more severe cases of PD, especially those with a more rapid rate of progression, were most at risk of an injury from a fall, regardless of age. Those with the highest fall risk were those with that rapid rate of progression plus at least one other health complication.

In addition, researchers followed the use of common PD medications and found that some medication patterns were more efficient at preventing falls. That is something that those with PD and their caregivers might want to discuss with their medical team. Teaming with your neurologist is one of the best ways to have more positive outcomes.

Not surprisingly, exercise is also related to a slower decline in quality of life in PD. Their research suggests that 2.5 hours per week is enough to make a clear difference.

 To take a look at several other areas of research from this report, such as recommendations regarding PD and mental health, the influence of an additional diagnosis of diabetes, or costs of caregiving in the family, check out the link below. You’ll be glad you did.

Key Findings

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