Alcoholism and the Elderly

Alcohol is part of many people’s lives, and that includes seniors. For most, it is something to be used in moderation, but for some it becomes a problem that can threaten their health, family relationships, and quality of life. While abuse can occur at any age, it is especially a problem as people age, andContinue reading “Alcoholism and the Elderly”

Power of Attorney

Just as an advance Care Directive will help guide family members through medical decisions for an aging or sick loved one, a Power of Attorney will allow family or trusted caregivers to help with legal and financial affairs. It’s another part of a thoughtful plan that all adults should prepare so that someone they trustContinue reading “Power of Attorney”

When to hang up the car keys

We can probably all remember the day we first got a driver’s license: the promise of road trips, fun times with friends, and most of all, independence! It’s that last part, independence, that still means everything to a senior. Yet when vision or health problems, slower reaction times, or even cognitive decline become something weContinue reading “When to hang up the car keys”

Be prepared against scammers targeting seniors

Many people have already heard this one – the voice on the phone warns that you “owe the IRS hundreds or thousands of dollars, and they will shortly be coming to arrest you. To avoid that, call this number . . .” Scammers posing as governmental officials, such as IRS agents or Social Security representatives,Continue reading “Be prepared against scammers targeting seniors”

Why Won’t They Listen to Reason?

For anyone who is a caregiver for their parent or parents, you have no doubt come across an experience where you had a really good idea (at least in your mind) for something you parent should do to improve their living situation. Then, to your great surprise they totally reject the idea. No matter howContinue reading “Why Won’t They Listen to Reason?”

Prepare for Power Outages

All it takes is one wild, unexpected storm to turn life upside-down in a hurry. Some of us lost power shortly before Christmas, and after one cold night, many of us were looking for ways to warm up fast.  Winter storms can be especially dangerous, as we saw when temperatures plunged in Texas, threatening theContinue reading “Prepare for Power Outages”