How to Keep the Conversation Flowing

Have you ever been with your aging loved one and found you are at a loss as to what to talk about? You’ve exhausted the usual topics of weather, your favorite sports teams and if you’re really desperate maybe even politics. Beyond those things you just don’t know how to begin a conversation that would be meaningful for all involved. 

The following article offers suggestions of leading questions to ask and many of them result in conversation that flows and brings up additional information about the specifics of your loved one’s life. When possible, it’s nice to record these conversations or at the very least take notes so that these life experiences can be shared with other family members and/or future generations. Another site the article suggests referring to is The Legacy Project which provides a more comprehensive list of questions to consider using in these conversations. Armed with some of the suggested questions, you will never be at a loss to think of what to talk with your loved one about.

20 Questions to Ask Elderly Loved Ones to Connect & Reminisce

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