Why Won’t They Listen to Reason?

For anyone who is a caregiver for their parent or parents, you have no doubt come across an experience where you had a really good idea (at least in your mind) for something you parent should do to improve their living situation. Then, to your great surprise they totally reject the idea. No matter how much you try to convince, cajole, beg, manipulate, etc., your parent stand firm on their original answer of “No!”. As a caregiver, you may be left wondering what has happened to your sensible, logical parent. Or feelings of frustration and anger may appear as you reason that “you are just trying to help!” 

This article discusses reasons for this bewildering (at least to the caregiver) behavior. It makes sense that to understand the behavior, you need to understand the reason behind the behavior. There are also suggestions for how to come to terms with decisions loved ones make even when we don’t agree. 

8 Tips for Dealing With Aging Parents Who Won’t Listen

If you are in need of support, we offer a group for caregivers that meets the first Tuesday morning of the month at 10am at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, 605 West State, Kiester, MN. We suggest you call our office at 507-526-4684 to verify dates and times before attending.

Merry McGowen 

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