Parkinson’s and COVID-19

While we’d love to be done with COVID-19 after almost a year, it’s not done with us yet. Until the vaccine is widely distributed into the arms of a majority of Americans, we’ll need to deal with its threats to our health and well-being. By now most of us know someone whose family or friends have been touched by the disease, and we can all do our part to Cover (masks), Control (distances), and Contain (small or no groups). There is a wealth of information about COVID-19 from many sources, including our local health care providers.  

The Parkinson’s Foundation, like many other health-based nonprofits, is a great source for information regarding Parkinson’s Disease, but now they also have resources for anyone interested in how COVID-19 may affect those with PD. 

Recent information on their website is available as both an article and a video: Parkinson’s and the COVID-19 Vaccine. Not only do these resources offer guidance on what you and your health care provider should consider before getting the vaccine, but it also explains some of the many complicated ways that the virus affects those who currently have PD. Much current research is focused on comparisons between the two, including potential for further health concerns.

To access this or other information about Parkinson’s Disease, check out this link:

And if you have PD or care for someone who does, please join our PD support group, which meets the second Thursday of each month at 1:30 pm. at Hope Methodist Church in Blue Earth. We discuss current topics, share tips and stay informed about health issues with PD. You can also call our office at 526-4684 for more information. 

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