Holidays and Caregiving

The Holidays are upon us, and even in a good year, the Holidays can be incredibly stressful. If we take the time to think about the pressure that we put upon ourselves to make sure everyone has a “perfect” holiday, we will come to realize that we are putting too much stress on ourselves. 

There are cookies to bake, cards to write, gift shopping to do, meals to prepare, traveling to do, the list can feel overwhelming! I think we all need to reflect on those lists and see what is most important to us. I have discovered as I have gotten older, the thing that seems to be the most important is to spend time with family & friends. If you are a caregiver, especially of someone with Dementia, even the joy of seeing family can be extremely exhausting. Making sure your friends and family know what the current situation you and your care receiver are dealing with can make an enormous difference. Offer suggestions to people on how to communicate best with the person suffering with dementia, appropriate gift ideas, and some reminders that the person with dementia (or whatever the diagnosis may be), is still the same person they were before they received their diagnosis. That way everyone can enjoy the time together, no surprises.  

In addition to these regular holiday stress inducers, we are still dealing with Covid-19 and trying to keep our loved ones safe from this virus that can be so devastating for the elderly.  

Whatever happened to the “Reason for the Season?”  If we put our Savior Jesus Christ at the heart of our holidays, the stress will surely be reduced. You will feel the Peace that comes with a relationship with God. The attached article has some wonderful suggestions to help you enjoy this beautiful season. 

May you have a very Blessed Christmas! 

Caregiving During the Holidays: Have a Realistic, Positive Approach

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