PD New Exercise Recommendations

The Parkinson’s Foundation, working with the American College of Sports Medicine, has recently created new recommendations for a comprehensive exercise program geared to those with PD. Their collaboration over the past year has produced multiple goals to be included in this regular, ongoing program.

Domains include aerobic activity, strength training, balance, agility, multitasking, and stretching. Within these categories are specific types of activities and safety considerations, with  recommendations for frequency, intensity, etc. As always, anyone starting a new exercise program should first consult with a medical provider, and in this case, it’s important to work with someone familiar with your PD diagnosis, such as a physical therapist.

Exercise has always been a key part of PD management, and over the years there have been numerous studies that show how important exercise can be to controlling and even slowing down progression of the disease.

Of course, the best exercise program is the one you want to do! Seeing how these new recommendations compare to anything you already do may be interesting, and you may find many similarities. But looking at this entire comprehensive program may give you new ideas and goals. There is even a professional section you may want to share with your providers.

Here’s the link:

New Exercise Recommendations for the Parkinson’s Community and Exercise Professionals

If you’re interested in seeing the summary report yourself, you can access it here:

Exercise Convening Summary Report

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