Is It Risky for Older Adults to Take Multiple Medications?

It seems inevitable as we age that as the years increase, so does the number of pills or medications that we add to our daily regimen.  While aging or elderly adults may have several health conditions that require medications to manage them, it is a concern that as the list of prescriptions grows, so does the possibility of serious drug interactions. And the longer the list of medications, the longer the list of side effects. 

In this article on polypharmacy, you will find information about the types of questions to ask if you have concerns about medications, side effects or interactions for yourself or for a loved one, as well as who to ask. 

Polypharmacy in the Elderly: Taking Too Many Medications Can Be Risky

If you are caring for a loved one and need support, we offer support groups to help you in your caregiving journey. Our caregiver support group meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at 10am at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, 605 W State Street, Kiester. 

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