Plan to Be Active

For caregivers of someone with dementia, a daily challenge can be helping your loved one to continue to do things they find enjoyable. Since each person is an individual and because dementia affects each person differently, the caregiver that spends the most time with the loved one is best suited to suggest or plan activities for them. With modifications your loved one may be able to continue with a hobby they enjoyed before he or she was affected by the disease.  Simplifying any activity will likely make it easier for both caregiver and care receiver. 

Maybe you are someone who likes to have activities planned, which can certainly benefit busy caregivers as well as their loved ones. Folks with dementia tend to respond well to structure. It may even be a benefit to put a plan in writing and post it in a place where your loved one can refer to it. This article suggests ideas for activities as well as guidance for putting together a plan that works for you. 

Daily Care Plan

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