Caregiver Support and Respite

You are not alone.

Our experienced caregiver support team provides individualized coaching and education to family caregivers to equip them and improve their ability to provide care, manage and cope with caring for an older adult while maintaining their own health, well-being and balanced lifestyle.

Caregiver Coaching

Our Caregiver Consultants will meet with you one-on-one to identify your needs, preferences and goals. We’ll help you develop a support plan, find resources, and develop tools to manage stress and find your way.

Support Groups

Monthly support and education groups are a way to network with other caregivers, identify resources and discuss strategies to navigate the challenges of caregiving.

Friendship Café

Friendship Café is an monthly opportunity for older adults and their caregivers to be socially and creatively active within a group setting. We provide a variety of activities such as crafts, games and music. The group has special support for those coping with memory loss.

In-Home Respite

Our trained volunteers provide older adults companionship and supervision while the caregiver is away for a break from caregiving. Our volunteer may provide a simple meal, or give reminders, but cannot assist with bathrooming or other personal care needs.

Caregiver Support and Respite Services are made possible, in part, under the Federal Older Americans Act through a award from the Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging® under a plan approved by the Minnesota Board on Aging.

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