Our Mission

The philosophy of Interfaith Caregivers is deeply rooted in the belief  that every person has a fundamental right to life and to the necessities of life.  We believe each person is to be treated justly, with dignity and with respect. This includes the having the ability to make their own decisions.

Based on this philosophy, Interfaith Caregivers exists to help older adults live independently in their own homes for as long as possible.  Through our network of volunteers, we provide seniors with transportation, companionship, assistance with light chores and housekeeping, and other assistance.

While we do not provide medical services, we can help seniors find needed providers.  In addition, we offer programs and encouragement to help seniors maintain and improve their physical and emotional health.  In promoting good health, we can help decrease risk factors that lead to the premature loss of independent living.

We also provide services to family members and friends who informally have the responsibility of caring for older adults.   By helping them improve their skills, knowledge, and awareness of certain conditions, we help caregivers reduce stress and find support in their care-giving role.

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