Zooming for Seniors

If you’ve been working or going to school online, meeting with groups, or just celebrating a grandchild’s birthday 1,000 miles away, all from the safety of your home, you’ve probably been using Zoom. Since the pandemic began almost a year ago, this free online program has exploded in popularity across the country. Its use is now so commonplace that children grow tired of it! But what do you do if you don’t know how to access and use it? 

In the before times, many seniors who wanted to expand their technology use would simply call their nearest child or grandchild, who would pop over and quickly set things up, sometimes bringing over an unused tablet from their own home for grandpa’s use. But the worry of passing on Covid-19 has kept many family members apart and will continue to do so for at least a while. Maybe techie family members are just too far away to take care of this, or seniors are hesitant to bother friends or neighbors, or they’re not even sure what they are asking for. 

If you or your loved ones want to connect on Zoom so you can see and hear family members in real time, but you’re not sure where to begin, here’s a great resource: Generations on Line. This easy-to-navigate website can walk users with online access through setting up Zoom on their specific tablet or phone. With large, simple graphics and short instructions, seniors can set up their own device. Free PDF files are available for downloading if you prefer to see instructions in print, or if you want to send it to a senior to get started. This nonprofit group and website provide great support for many technology issues, and also have a blog about aging, links to videos, and much more. Check it out at the address below! 


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