Lunch & Learn: Five Wishes

Another great turnout, another great meal, and another great speaker. Add to that great weather, I think it’s safe to say we had a great Lunch & Learn today!

Thank you to Dan and Jinger for making the delicious wraps and quinoa salad, and of course the “Danger” show on the benefits of quinoa.

Terry Whitman, a social worker at UHD, shared her knowledge on the importance of having a living willing and the many situations that may come up when your family and healthcare providers be able to provide better care if one were in place. There were a lot of great questions and discussions – if you would like to continue or even start the conversation Terry is more than happy to meet with you.

If you would like copies of any of the documents Terry handed out please contact Interfaith.

  • Five Wishes (Living Will)
  • Minnesota Health Care Directive (Short Form)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Senior LinkAge Line