Zucchini Adoption Program

Frequently this time of year gardeners find that they have extra garden produce and dislike the idea of just throwing it away. At the same time, Seniors in our communities who are not able to garden any more would LOVE to have a taste of fresh veggies.

Zucchini adoption ProgramThat’s where Interfaith Caregiver’s comes in.

We are offering you to be a part of our “Zucchini Adoption Program.”  

Just bring your excess produce in to our office at Suite 5 in the Blue Earth Ag center, and we’ll see that it gets distributed quickly. 

Seniors– let us know if you’re looking for that fresh taste of summer and we’ll deliver! 

Everyone else– if you can help deliver produce– please give us a call and let us know


              TOGETHER our lives are all a little fresher!